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Applying to the Graduate Program

The application deadline is December 15. We review applications once a year for admission the following Fall. All application materials must be received in our office by the deadline for an application to be considered.

Students are admitted to the program based on their intellectual match with faculty interests. Prospective students are strongly advised to contact faculty working in their area of interest. Read some of their publications. When you contact them, explain your research interests and provide an overview of your education and training. Ask them if they are accepting students, and what projects they are planning. They can advise you on how your experience fits with our program and can suggest ways you can strengthen your application. We have many applicants, and it will greatly help you if faculty know you before admissions decisions are made. Our faculty enjoy hearing from potential students, and generally will not vote to admit a student with which they haven’t had any contact.

Learn more about our programs:

Please view the following pages to learn more about our application process:

For more information about the Department’s application process or to check the status of your application, please contact the Graduate Program Assistant.

Steps in the application process:

  1. Apply online and pay a nonrefundable application fee. For specialization, state your subfield (Archaeology, Biological, Cultural, or Linguistic or a combination of two subfields). For Degree Goal, choose Doctor of Philosophy or Education (even if you do not have a Master’s degree). We encourage you to apply as early as possible in order to assure that all pieces of the application are received in our office by the deadline. Do not wait until December 15 to apply, as your application will not be complete by the end of the day on December 15.
  2. Submit a statement of purpose online. The statement of purpose should be focused.  Tell us of those aspects of your background that are relevant to a graduate career in anthropology and tell us specifically 1) what research questions interest you; 2) what background you have in those interests; and 3) where you would like to do your research. The statement of purpose is also an opportunity for you to demonstrate your writing skills. You should focus on your specific research interests, not on your generic fascination with the human condition, the plight of the oppressed, or the beauty of human culture. By all means, you should discuss your philosophy, sentiments and the factors in your personal history that incline you to seek a graduate degree in anthropology, but keep in mind that faculty are most interested in what you plan to do for research as a graduate student.
  3. You may upload documents with your application, such as a CV or a short writing sample (20 pages or less). If you can’t upload them, you may email them to the Graduate Program Assistant.
  4. Once you have applied, e-mail the Graduate Program Assistant with your name, UFID and subfield (Archaeology, Biological, Cultural, Linguistic or a combination of two subfields) to let them know you have applied. This allows the department to locate your application in the event of application system error.
  5. Have your GRE scores sent directly from ETS to the Office of Admissions. The institution code is 5812. Also, email the Graduate Program Assistant a copy or screenshot of your GRE score report, since there is usually a delay in matching scores to applicant records. If you already have an advanced degree (MA, MS, JD, or MD) from a regionally accredited US university, you may send the Graduate Program Assistant an email requesting to have the GRE requirement waived. Degrees from non-US institutions do not qualify you for a waiver. We require the GRE Verbal and Quantitative sections, but no subject-matter GRE tests. For applicants accepted into the program in 2014, the average GRE score was 159 verbal and 153 quantitative. Higher scores will make you more competitive for funding.
  6. Have official transcripts sent from each postsecondary institution you have attended (in both English and in the original language, if applicable) to both the Anthropology Department and the Office of Admissions. The addresses are:
    Office of Admissions

    201 Criser Hall

    PO Box 114000

    Gainesville, FL 32611-4000

    Graduate Admissions

    Department of Anthropology

    1112 Turlington Hall

    PO Box 117305

    Gainesville, FL 32611-7305

    You may have official transcripts submitted electronically directly from the school to the Graduate Admissions email using Parchment, Escript Safe or faster for carriers. No other carriers are acceptable.

    Transcripts must be available in our office before December 15 for your application to be considered. Contact the Graduate Program Assistant ASAP if there is a problem submitting your transcripts.

  7. Submit 3 recommendation letters. Please have recommendations submitted electronically through the online application system. If your recommenders have problems with the system or do not wish to use it, they may send their recommendations to the Graduate Program Assistant as long as they are accompanied by this form. The recommendations must be received in our office before December 15.
  8. Students from non-English-speaking countries must submit TOEFL scores directly from ETS unless they have studied at least a year at an English-speaking university. The institutional code is 5812. The required minimum score is 80. IELTS scores (score of 6 or above) and MELAB scores (score of 77 or above) are also acceptable. In addition, students must have a score of 140 or above on the verbal portion of the GRE.

Please note: The Office of Admissions and the Anthropology Department are separate offices. Some documents must be sent to both offices. Documents sent to the Office of Admissions are not always available to the Anthropology Department and can be delayed by 6 weeks or more. Review the Application Checklist for a breakdown.

Admissions Timeline

Items must be received in our office by December 15. Please review the Application Checklist to make sure you have met all the requirements by the deadline. You can check the status of materials received at the Office of Admissions. Contact the Graduate Program Assistant if something is missing or to check the status of items sent to the Anthropology Department.

  • December 15: Application Deadline
  • December-January: Faculty examine applications
  • Late February: Admissions notices should be received
  • April 15: Deadline to accept admission offer

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Last updated December 1, 2015.