Emily Zavodny

NSF SBE Postdoctoral Research Fellow Courtesy Faculty Office:  Turlington B119 Email: ezavodny@ufl.edu Google Scholars Research Interests Human-environment interaction, sustainability, marginal environments, emergence of social complexity and inequality, European prehistory, origins of agriculture, animal husbandry and transhumance, faunal analysis, osteology, mortuary archaeology, stable isotope geochemistry, radiocarbon dating, and paleoclimate reconstruction Selected Publications 2019 E. Zavodny, B. Culleton, […]

Hannah Toombs

Graduate Student Email: toombshannah@ufl.edu Education Ph.D. Anthropology, In Progress M.A. Anthropology, University of Florida, 2018 B.A. Anthropology, Penn State University, 2016 B.A. Spanish Language, Penn State University, 2016 Subfield Cultural Anthropology Latin American Studies (area of interest) Chair Dr. Catherine May Tucker Research Interests My major areas of study include sociocultural anthropology (economics, environment, development), applied […]

Kate Kolpan

Alumni Email: kkolpan@ufl.edu Education Ph.D., M.A., B.A., Subfield Archaeology / Biological Chair Dr. John Krigbaum Research Interests Osteology, Isotope Analysis, Bioarchaeology, Human-Environment Interaction, Contemporary and Conflict Archaeology, World War II, Germany, the Balkans Selected Publications     Grants, Fellowships, and Awards   This student has graduated from the program so the information on this page […]